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  • “The convenience of in-home training and nutrition with LulaFit has been a major reason why these difficult lifestyle changes have come more easily to me. With other programs, I’ve allowed work or family commitments to get in the way, but with LulaFit it’s easy to fit it into my life.”

    Resident at 2550 N Lakeview
  • “I trained with the trainers at LulaFit and the experience was incredible! I started my personal training sessions at 7 weeks postpartum. A bonus of working with LulaFit is that they offer in-home training and bring the necessary equipment. This was a huge convenience for me with having a newborn at home. My training goals were to properly get my body back into shape and healthy after being pregnant and giving birth. My sessions were focused on Pilates and customized for my current state. What I loved about LulaFit is that they were constantly educating me during the sessions. Believe it or not, I honestly felt like my body was stronger and my posture was better after my 18 sessions than before I became pregnant!”

    Bridget Sievers
  • “I was nervous to begin a training regimen and learn new skills, but this team is encouraging and supportive! I now look forward to every session. I’ve gotten my entire family involved and it’s great to make these changes together!”

    Resident at 2550 N Lakeview
  • "I love taking fitness classes because working with an instructor pushes me harder than I would push myself.  I've taken fitness classes at several different gyms and apartment buildings, and have been very impressed with the entire LulaFit team that serves Wolf Point West.  Each instructor does a great job motivating me to push harder and get in a good workout.  I highly recommend the LulaFit classes!"

    Blythe, WPW Resident
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the sessions take place?

Wherever you want! We can come to your home, your office, a park or wherever you feel most comfortable.


Are the workouts going to be very hard-core and intense?

Only if you want them to be! Our trainers can give you anything from high-intensity workouts to low-impact pilates and yoga. We choose the workouts that are best for you and are within your comfort zone.


Am I going to be forced to eat things I don’t enjoy?

No. We will find you foods that are good for you and delicious at the same time.


Can I schedule workouts very early, very late or at odd times?

Absolutely! We can accommodate any schedule. Just ask.


How long is each session?

Our typical session lasts 1 hour but we are flexible.


Will I have to buy equipment?

No. We bring everything to you.


How can I schedule my sessions?

Just click here or contact us at (773) 938-6058 or [email protected]

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