Rachel Gitles

    Rachel grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and joined the swimming and water polo teams in high school, but always wondered why her coaches didn’t add any cross-training elements to their workouts. When she went to college, Rachel found herself spending a lot of her free time in the gym and focused on building strength and endurance as a way to release stress.

    Rachel developed a passion for human movement and physiology, so she decided to switch her major to Kinesiology. She graduated from UIC in 2013, and went on to start full-time coaching fitness classes at a Crossfit gym in downtown Chicago. From there, she received her 200-hour yoga certification and got her Master’s in Sports Administration from Northwestern University.

    Rachel loves trying out new fitness adventures and is in constant pursuit to become the best health and fitness professional possible. Rachel is passionate about serving the needs of the entire Chicago community and spreading awareness of healthy living to as many people as possible.

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