Kristen Voelker

    Kristen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and is also a trained postpartum doula. She has a passion for caring for others, and aims to educate her clients on the importance of wellness, nutrition, and self-care. Kristen began doing yoga as a way to incorporate more fitness activity in to her life, but her practice ended up being so much more than just exercise. Since then, she has been using yoga as a tool to help connect more with her inner self. It’s been through her devotion to yoga and meditation that she has been able to break free and follow her true passions in life.

    Kristen received her 200 hour certification while studying under Marianne Wells in the jungle of Costa Rica. She believes that yoga is more than an asana, yoga is a lifestyle, and her purpose is to pass this way of life on to her students. She hopes to pass the yoga lifestyle on to her students through the power of meditation, intention setting, and mindful movement.

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