Jessica Jones

    Jessica grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to the city when she was 15. Jessica attended DePaul University where she obtained her degree in Elementary Education. For the last 5 years, Jessica has worked as a Junior Kindergarten teacher. She loves everything about teaching, from the kids’ constant energy to the “ah-ha” moments and their complete transparency!

    Jessica’s passion for fitness started when she signed up to run her first marathon. After the marathon, she realized that she was missing that consistency and schedule. While it was getting colder in Chicago, Jessica decided to join a group fitness gym and instantly fell in love! She even wished she could have incorporated cross training into her marathon training. Now, Jessica sees the need for both forms of training. After seeing how fitness improved her quality of life, Jessica knew that she wanted to help others achieve the same results. Jessica became a NASM certified personal trainer. She is passionate about coaching men and women and helping them to lead their best lives through fitness and nutrition.