Colleen Werner (Shaughnessy)

    Colleen attended The University of Michigan where she earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Dance and Movement Science. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Colleen started her first company, Fearlessly Fit Life, immediately after college. After noticing a gap in the fitness industry, she created LulaFit Concierge Fitness to serve hard-working professionals at a time and place that was most convenient for them. She has been on a mission to give LulaFit clients the key to being healthy and fit ever since.

    Colleen has been teaching fitness, dance and Pilates for over 10 years. She moved to Chicago to become a professional contemporary ballet dancer and spent her career dancing for Inaside Chicago Dance and most recently, Nomi Dance Company. She also received her certifications to become a STOTT Pilates Instructor and ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

    Colleen has spent her life in classical ballet and has used Pilates, Yoga and weight training as a form of conditioning. At 16, she suffered from a devastating foot injury that temporarily halted her dance career. During this time, Colleen discovered a new passion: therapeutic recovery and assisting others through strength training, writing and inspiration. Facing her fears head on, she recovered from injury, went on to have a professional dance career and start a new sector in fitness industry: concierge fitness and wellness. She invests her time outside of LulaFit as a rehearsal assistant for Nomi Dance Company. Colleen is deeply devoted to the arts and strives to provide artists working wages as service providers for LulaFit.

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