Cassandra Jackson

    Cassandra began her training in dance at an early age. Her enthusiasm for movement has been a continuous evolution over the span of her lifetime involving many art forms such as jazz-ballet, gymnastics, cheer leading, yoga, contact-improv, modern dance, circus arts, ballroom dance, and personal training. She discovered her natural ability to teach in her early teen years and went on to coach home school cheer squads, choreographing routines for competition. Her creativity lead her to Chicago with a scholarship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After she received her BFA in Art and Technology in 2009 she began working in the Tech Industry as an Electrical Engineer and later a Project Manager. After many hours at a desk, the importance of having an active lifestyle became more essential to Cassandra, which inspired more exercise. She also developed a strong affinity for ballroom partner dancing and meditation, which she has now been studying for nearly a decade under the wings of a few astounding masters. It was not long after teaching ballroom dance that she realized the necessity of exercise even within a dancer’s life, whether they are recovering from injury, lack normal range of mobility due to age or simply need more strength. Cassandra decided to expand beyond her dance career and become certified as a Personal Trainer to help others overcome challenges she knows all too well. Her experience and certifications in Meditation also play a huge role in her coaching style and believes a proper mindset can help you achieve the highest results. One of her mottos is “a working body is a happy mind”. Cassandra’sĀ goal is to help all people simply ‘feel good’ in their bodies, to enrich the lives of others through movement, inspire, share knowledge, and make exercise fun for everyone!