Wellness Amenities for Your Workforce

Corporate Wellness Programs

LulaFit’s Corporate Wellness programming allows organizations to build cultures of health that impact core priorities such as improved employee morale, talent attraction and retention, enhanced customer loyalty, reduced absenteeism, greater employee engagement and productivity, and demonstrable competitive advantage. Our wellness programs address every aspect of wellbeing and create touch points from theory to practicality.

Our Services

  • events
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Private Fitness Classes
  • Wellness Consulting
  • Strategic Communication
  • Private Services
Wellness Experiences and Events

Our programs focus on building community around wellness inside your organization. We do this is by offering premier Wellness Events featuring vendor partnerships and unique programming.

Seminars and Workshops

Our fun and informative seminars answer your tenants’ most pressing health questions. We get participants moving, laughing, and thinking as a team.

Private Fitness Classes

We take pride in our very successful group exercise programs and ensure the highest quality instruction. Our class offerings are endless, but some of our most popular include: Meditation/Mindfulness, Bootcamp, HIIT, Cardio Kickboxing, and Happy Bodies Yoga.

Wellness Consulting

Our wellness experts help you create policies and strategies for improving overall wellness, environment, and culture (i.e. office snack consult or ergonomic efficacy assessment).

Strategic Communication

We provide frequent, varied, and multi-channel communications tailored to your wellness goals (i.e. weekly ‘Meditation Monday’ email with 5-minute guided meditation or weekly healthy recipes email).

Private Services

Our industry-best, fully licensed, and professional staff delivers high-quality private services at a corporate discount. Services include personal training, nutrition counselling, massage therapy, wellness coaching and beauty services.

Lulafit's Custom Wellness Model
Lulafit Corporate Wellness Does
  • Give workers latitude in decision-making
  • Take a holistic approach
  • Provide educational experiences
  • Make strategic environmental changes
  • Utilize technology
  • Get creative
Lulafit Corporate Wellness Does Not
  • Focus on top-down programming
  • Neglect company policies
  • Focus solely on education
  • Improperly incentivize
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