We make living a healthy lifestyle sustainable and accessible

Our Values


We believe health transcends differences and brings communities together


We invest in your most valuable asset -- your body


We create quality through authenticity


We support each other mentally, physically, and emotionally

People First

We invest in people like they are our family

Tech? Yes.

We’re a tech company, but not in the way that you’re probably thinking. We truly believe that our bodies are the most valuable and complex piece of technology we will ever own. And we’ve built a business around helping others maximize their health, even when life is busy.

As a team, we try to practice what we preach. We have standing desks, weekly office yoga, an on-site restaurant that we can’t get enough of.

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We Change Lives and Industries.

The health and wellness industry is broken. It either caters to people who already have the knowledge or the time to make healthy choices, or it encourages people to seek out quick fixes. We’re a lifestyle company with a holistic approach to wellness.  Our model is turning the industry on its head and changing lives in the process.


Work Hard. Then Go Home.

Things are fast-paced at LulaFit. We work really hard. We laugh a lot. Even though we consider our staff to be a close-knit family, we want you to have time outside of work to invest in your other relationships and passions. We’re a multi-talented team filled with operational rockstars,  sales and marketing geniuses, talent developers, and customer experience connoisseurs who are also outdoor adventurers, musicians, writers, world travelers, and volunteers.


Play to Your Strengths.

Our management philosophy is built around strengths-based leadership. We’re intentional about creating a team with diverse talents and backgrounds. We want team players who are confident in their strengths yet unafraid of starting from scratch and learning new skills. Our environment is simultaneously challenging and encouraging. Grow with us.