Get to know your yoga instructor – Justine

Justine began practicing yoga in 1998 and began teaching in 2011. Justine believes yoga is a holistic practice that strengthens the body, calms mind and brightens the spirit. Experienced in hatha, vinyasa and Ashtanga, she teaches with compassion, humor and patience. She prepares playful sequences with inspiring music to invigorate students of all levels and always encourages a deeper breath. Learn more about Justine in our Q & A below!

What motivated you to become a trainer? 

I was inspired to become a yoga teacher because of all the benefits I’ve experienced with a regular practice (mindfulness, strength, balance). I wanted to share those benefits with others. 

How would you describe your training personality?

I am really patient and meet people where they are. Yoga shouldn’t be intimidating. 

What advice do you have for people that are just getting into fitness? 

Start slow and steady. And in yoga I encourage students to be in their own bodies and not worry about what other people are doing. 

What’s your favorite workout and why?

My favorite yoga practice is the Ashtanga primary series. 

What do you like to do for fun? 

I read, ride my bike and hang out with my husband and cats.

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