Get to know your fitness instructor and nutrition coach – Emily

Emily believes that living a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated, boring or stressful! Her path to nutrition and fitness instruction actually started with a simple goal to lose weight after college. Emily quickly progressed to becoming an all-around athlete, participating in CrossFit challenges, completing two Tough Mudders and running several 15Ks. She became a certified fitness instructor in 2013 and has worked with a variety of clients, helping them discover what their body really CAN do and how to find fun in exercise. Emily is also a certified Nutrition Coach.  Learn more about Emily in our Q & A!

What motivated you to become a fitness instructor and nutrition coach?
My own struggle with defining and being “healthy.” Several years ago I was engaging in some pretty unhealthy habits, including trying all the diet fads out there, overexercising, and having a pretty negative self-image. Once I finally realized that being healthy is a lifelong journey that involves balanced nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing, I became committed to finding healthy habits that were sustainable AND enjoyable. Using my background as a K-12 educator along with my passion for food and movement, I realized I could really make a difference by becoming a fitness and nutrition coach. I firmly believe that living a healthy lifestyle is a basic human right, and it does not need to be complicated, expensive or anxiety-inducing. I love helping people see the connection between food and fitness, discover the joys of home-cooking and find workouts that are fun. And while I love coaching all types of people, I am especially passionate about helping women see that being strong is more important than being skinny, and any body is a good a body, regardless of what social media may show us!

How would you describe your training personality?
Tough love. I am first and foremost very encouraging during workouts; I especially like to make new people feel welcome and comfortable because I know that gyms can feel intimidating. At the same time, I will not let you slack off when I’ve seen your potential. I like people to leave smiling but also feeling like I kicked their butt! It also makes me really excited when people are performing exercises with proper form and really pushing themselves; I generally get pretty loud and dance around the room when that happens.

What advice do you have for people that are just getting into a new healthy routine?
Progress over perfection. Being healthy is a lifelong journey — take it one step at a time. If you backslide, be gracious with yourself and keep moving forward. It also really helps to have someone on your side! This could be a personal trainer, a therapist, a partner, friend, etc.; anyone who’s got your back and will help you stay on track.

What’s your favorite workout and why?
Anything dance-based OR strength training. I still love the feeling of “Yeah, I’m a girl, but I lift heavy things.”

What’s your favorite meal?
Tacos! I love any food you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the varieties are endless.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to dance, garden, travel, scuba dive– and travel for scuba diving!

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