Get to know your trainer – Ashley

Ashley was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She attended Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, IN, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with specialization in Early Childhood Education. After graduation, Ashley moved to Chicago and began teaching kindergarten. Her favorite part about the age group? The fact that they’re so active! Keeping active has always been a passion for Ashley, so she wasn’t at all surprised to find herself falling in love with the Chicago fitness community. It wasn’t long before she found herself studying to become a certified personal trainer so she could join it! Ashley earned her NASM CPT certification in June, and she has loved every second of applying her passions for physical activity and teaching in a new way. Ashley’s goal for every client is to make each workout session so valuable and enjoyable that they become too hard to miss. Learn more about Ashley in our Q&A below!

What motivated you to become a trainer?
  • The Chicago fitness community is one of a kind. Nearly every gym or studio has a tight-knit, supportive group of trainers and members that almost seen like family. I took my first group fitness class in January of 2016, and I instantly fell in love. The support and motivation from each community kept me going, and it changed my life. I was so inspired, I purchased the NASM Certified Personal Trainer materials the following January in hopes of changing someone else’s life.
How would you describe your training personality?
  • Two words: challenging and motivating. I like to set the bar high, and I like to create workouts that are challenging and may even seem daunting. Then, I proceed to coach you through it and show you that you can do much more than you may think. And together, we always crush it.
What advice do you have for people that are just getting into fitness?
  • My advice for people new to fitness is the same as my advice for people who have had a fitness routine in place for a while. Think of a big goal you want to accomplish, and then forget it about it. Focus on small goals you can do daily, weekly, and monthly, and celebrate every time you accomplish one. Don’t wait until you cross that ultimate finish line to feel happy and proud. Feel happy and proud now.
What’s your favorite workout and why?
  • I love high intensity interval training. I love weight lifting, and I love the way that HIIT gets your blood pumping more than it would during a typical weight lifting session.
What do you like to do for fun?
  • Honestly, trying different workouts around the city is my favorite thing! Outside of fitness, I enjoy cooking and trying new sushi restaurants and wines!


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