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Susie graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and a Minor in Psychology.  A post-grad Pre-Physical therapy student at Northwestern University, Susie’s hunger for knowledge around optimal functioning has been fueled by her passion for dance.  Susie spent ten years as a professional dancer, touring the nation with companies based out of Ohio, New York City, and Chicago.  After years dancing and training professionals, she became a NASM certified personal trainer and has directed her creative prowess to the field of health and fitness. Susie now inspires her clients to stay committed yet flexible in the face of any challenge.  Learn more about Susie in our Q&A below!

What motivated you to become a trainer?
  • Rachel Gitles motivated me to become a personal trainer.  Before a major hip surgery I was to undergo a few years back, I wanted to become as strong as possible.  I knew it would help me recover faster, so I committed to training with Rachel 2-3x/week.  Over a period of a few months, the work we did together not only helped to alleviate my pain, but it gave me unparalleled strength and energy!  When I started noticing how easily and enthusiastically I was bounding up my stairs at home, I realized that personal training is an investment that is truly priceless.  I wanted to give that gift to others.
How would you describe your training personality?
  • I would describe my training personality as highly collaborative.  I think listening to the client’s needs is key.  Some people want their sessions to wipe them out, while others (like me before my surgery) need care, empathy, patience, and fine tuning to prevent injury.  There’s really no one style for me; it’s about being adaptable.
What advice do you have for people that are just getting into fitness?
  • My advice to people just getting into fitness is BABY STEPS.  Take it easy; take it slow; build the habit.  There’s nothing wrong with having big goals, but I find it much more effective in the long-run to get into a digestible routine and then build from there.  Succeed breeds success, so when you start off slow you will find yourself WANTING to do more and the process will unfold naturally!
What’s your favorite workout and why?
  • I’m going to sound like a big dork, but my favorite workout is a circuited stabilization workout!  Stabilization is so overlooked in the fitness world, in my opinion, and is nothing to sneeze at.  Vitally important in preventing injury, aches, and pains, stabilization allows for greater force production and therefore effectiveness in later strength and power workouts. Whenever I give my clients stabilization workouts, they seem to always leave saying something like “Oh man, that was hard. That was good. I feel good.”
What do you like to do for fun?
  • I like to dance, take yoga, listen to music, get out in nature, read, and spend quality time with friends.  When I get the time, I also love playing piano!


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