Jon Abrams

    After high school, Jon gained a considerable amount of weight (not in muscle) going from around 145 lbs. to about 205 lbs. Fast forward about 4 years later down the road, he finally decided to pull over and take a second look at where he was going. After changing his course, the new path he started to followed put him exactly where he wanted to be. Using realistic goals, factoring in the appropriate amount of active recovery and rest to counterbalance his workouts, he found results so easily that it was like they were looking for him. He is currently 153 pounds and around 11% body fat.

    Jon’s goal is to show you how fun fitness can be when you start seeing results: all you need is some variety to make things spicy, mixed in with scientifically-proven training methods, and a smile on your face :). You can conquer your goals and say what’s next!?

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